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Tags BroadbandMazedaDhanmondi MazedaDhanmondi Mazeda Cyber CafeInternet ServicePlaza Dhanmondi MazedaPlaza Dhanmondi
Title Mazeda Broadband
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The PageSpeed score for the domain is 78/100. Historical development of the PageSpeed score for from Q4/2013 to Q4/2013.


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Country flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh 937 100.0% 100.0%

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City Rank Percentage page impressions Percentage visitors ø page impressions per visitor
Country flag of Bangladesh Dhaka 1,304 73.1% 48.9% 5.3
Others 0 26.9% 51.1% 1.8

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Rank worldwide 208,583 -83,769.0%
Reach 219,554 -49,960.0%
Pageviews rank 240,205 -192,963.0%
Reach per million 6.3 +20.0%
Pageviews per million 0.2 +90.0%
Pageviews by unique users 3.5 +60.0%

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Subdomain Reach percentage Page views percentage Page views per user 42.2% 71.5% 6.4 25.6% 11.9% 1.8
Others 0.0% 0.3% 0.0

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Domain Alexa-Rank Categorie PageRank #0 PageRank 0 for

Historical development

The domain is in our database since Jan 1, 2013. The domain was registered for the first time on Mar 9, 2008. There is historical data from quarter Q1/2008 to Q4/2014 in our database.

  • Q4/2014 The state changed to no content.
  • Q4/2014 The download time of the website changed to 0.93 seconds.
  • Q2/2014 The download time of the website changed to 1.49 seconds.
  • Q1/2014 The download time of the website changed to 1.55 seconds.
  • 2014
  • Q4/2013 The initial state of the domain is online.
  • Q4/2013 The initial PageRank is 0.
  • Q4/2013 The initial PageSpeed score is 78.
  • Q4/2013 The initial download time of the website is 2.20 seconds.
  • 2013
  • Q1/2008 The domain was registered on Mar 9, 2008.
  • 2008