Integrate Webpageanalyse data into your application

We provide an API for developers or whoever would like to use our data.Its free to get started using the API. We only require a backlink from your site.There is a rate limit of 5,000 queries per day. If you expect to exceed that, please get intouch with us.

If you need more requests please get in contact with us at Email address

Have a look at the API documentation with examples to get you started. Once you are ready you can signup and use the API for free.

Our APIs

Similar sites API

Input a domain and receive an output of 20 similar websites with title, description, domainpower, website language and their similarity score. Find the similar sites API here.

Adult detection API

We determine if a domain contains adult content or not by various factors such as onpage content or incoming links. Find the adult detection api here.

Category Detection API

We determine one or multiple of a total of 15 possible categories for a webpage by analyzing the onpage content and other metrics for the domain. Find the category detection api here.

Pagerank API

Get the Google Pagerank for any domain. You can also retrieve historic PageRank data if you like. Find the Pagerank api here.

Thumbnail API

Input a domain and you will get a screenshot of the domain in various sizes. Go to the thumbnail API here.